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Guiding Questions OverviewGuidelines for Leadership Education Programs Learning Community (GLEP/LC)



This International Leadership Asociation (ILA) learning community is using this Wiki to create collaboratively an online set of guidelines that will be useful for anyone developing, re-organizing or evaluating a campus-based leadership education program. These final guidelines will be titled Guiding Questions: Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs.


Although this learning community is relatively new, many members have been working together for past three years. The background work is extensive and informative.


A Learning Lab held at the Chicago 2006 ILA conference focused on identifying the broad topic areas (sections) that should be addressed by guidelines and the questions essential (guiding questions) to the development of leadership education programs at postsecondary institutions. This work lead to a request become a formal ILA learning community in 2007.


The first face to face meeting of the GLEP LC at the Vancouver 2007 ILA conference resulted in significant refinement of the guiding questions and a proposal to the ILA Board of Directors that was substantially accepted.



Most recently, the "GLEP LC met during the 2009 ILA conference in Los Angeles to determine final steps to complete Guiding Questions: Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs". Completion is expected in early summer 2009. Field tests have begun. Please contact Steve Ritch at ritch@spadmin.usf.edu if you are interested in participating in a field test.




For additional information on the GLEP LC, please contact Steve Ritch at ritch@spadmin.usf.edu.




Sections & Team Leaders



Section 1: Conceptual Framework Lisa Ncube

Section 2: Context Kathleen Patterson 

Section 3: Content Gama Perruci, Craig Slack, & Sara Thompson

Section 4: Teaching and Learning JoAnn Barbour

Section 5: Outcomes and Assessment Thomas Mengel, Pierre Zundel




In addition to these five broad sections, each section should emphasize resources either needed to achieve desired outcomes or available in support of the guidelines. Liberal use of links are encouraged in the online version.



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