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Learning Community LA Report

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Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs

Learning Community


Meeting Report


International Leadership Association Annual Conference

Los Angeles, CA, USA

November 12, 2008


The Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs Learning Community met to determine final actions necessary to produce the first edition of Guiding Questions: Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs. Fifteen members attended including section leaders from four of the five sections.


Consensus quickly emerged that our work is nearly complete and that the purpose of the learning community will soon be accomplished.


The following actions were determined to be necessary to move Guiding Questions from its current stage as a draft to the first edition:


  1. An overview section will be written by Steve Ritch and Thomas Mengel by January 31, 2009.
  2. A final edit for style and format will be done. Laura Osteen agreed to lead this process and to complete this work by March 1, 2009.
  3. Steps 1 and 2 will produce the first edition which will be forwarded to the ILA Board of Directors for review and endorsement at their April, 2009 meeting.
  4. Pending endorsement, Guiding Questions will move from the wiki to be posted to the ILA website for general use. This will include ability for comment and discussion boards as well as contact information for section leaders.
  5. This will conclude the work of the Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs Learning Community.


Review and revision of Guiding Questions will be accomplished through the ILA conference proposal process. At their business meeting, members of the Leadership Educators MIG agreed to make the review and revision process a permanent conference proposal track. Thus, proposals to amend or to add research and best practice resources to Guiding Questions will undergo a peer review process on an annual basis.


Further, both the overview section and the entire Guiding Questions will be field tested. The overview section will be tested by faculty at three institutions to determine utility as a basic set of questions to frame substantive discussions about development of leadership education programs. The results of this testing will be reported as part of an invited article in an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Leadership Education.


Later, once the first edition has been "published" on the website, institutions will be invited to pilot test Guiding Questions to evaluate its utility as a tool to help develop, evaluate, or reorganize leadership education programs. So far, representatives from three institutions have agreed to participate in this more comprehensive process. Results from these field tests may, time permitting, may be presented at the conference in Prague. This work will be used to revise Guiding Questions.




SWR 11/14/08

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